Vice President of Overtime

Vaughn Lawless

Vice President Vaughn Lawless believes that having a safe job site for all employees is essential in the industrial, construction, safety, and electrical markets. Vaughn works tirelessly to ensure Overtime gets in the hands of everyone looking for a safe, high-quality electrolyte replacement drink.

He knows Overtime can be the number one brand in this category because its’ benefits work. He passionately pursues this with team members. He relies heavily on field support and specialists within the company because he understands the power of collaboration.

His efforts focus on strengthening alignment with regulatory requirements, channel management, and highlighting just how well Overtime works. He knows this is the key to customer satisfaction.

Family Time Is The Best Time

Spending time with family brings him the most joy

Music & More Music

You can find him enjoying music from daybreak to dinner

Grill Master

Earning his Master’s degree on the Traeger is his perfect Saturday evening

Travel Enthusiast

Checking off his to-do's includes traveling with friends and family

Mavs Or Bust

Still hoping for that National Championship