Chief Financial Officer

Blake Eaton

Blake is a proud Texan who loves living in the city and the country. He has been in the world of numbers for over 25+ years ago – from supporting companies to managing his own.

Blake sold his company to work with Richard Lawless and Pro Line. This allowed him the right balance of city and country. He chose Pro Line for the ever-changing landscape, pace, and innovation of the manufacturing the industry. Blake has a deep knowledge of the applications and disciplines needed to provide accurate and consistent assessments of investments. He’s a vital element of Pro Line’s success navigating the landscape to manage growth and drive strong top and bottom-line results.

When Blake is not in the city, you’ll find him in a blind or training for a marathon. He and his wife of 28 years, Leann, are parents-of-five (two human, three canine).

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Husband & Dad

Goes The Distance

Marathon runner, a run a day keeps the stress away

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Hunting Season Is The Best Season

Will be found in a blind

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The Golden Rule, a way of life