Our new innovative and patented design by STRETCHAIR™ has the potential to revolutionize the construction industry! STRETCHAIR™ expandable air hoses save time, reduce fatigue, and last longer. Conventional air hoses suffer at least one of the following drawbacks: too heavy, kinks easily, do not perform well in cold weather, or are not very durable. The NEW expandable air hose design by STRETCHAIR™ overcomes all of these challenges and outperforms other air hoses. STRETCHAIR™ expandable air hoses are lab and field tested.


  • Compact: expands and contracts at a 2-to-1 ratio (a 50-ft hose inflated is a 25-ft hose uninflated
  • Superior Flexibility: kink resistant and able to maneuver tight radius bends
  • Lightweight: Up to 75% lighter than rubber air hoses, reducing user fatigue on the job
  • Weather Resistant: remains flexible in cold temperatures
  • Durable: abrasion resistant 1000 denier nylon outer cover will not mar work surface
  • 360º swivel fittings allow quick and easy maneuverability throughout the work area
  • Strain relief sleeves near the fittings increase the life of the hose
  • High visibility color


  • Max PSI – 300
  • Lengths – 25’, 50’, or 100’
  • Diameter – 1/4” or 3/8”

Package Includes

  • Expandable air hose
  • Storage bag
  • Safety coupler – female NPT
  • Plug – female NPT